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The Remote working is all the rage these days. And for good reason, who wouldn’t want better hours, flexibility, a good salary and a perfect work-life balance? Well, that might not always be the case with home positions, but a remote programming career can certainly earn you a living wage and freedom that isn’t available with a traditional nine-to-five. .

When it comes to remote working, programming is one of the most profitable skills to possess. There are many full-time and part-time positions available for remote programmers, and you can structure your business however you see fit. While individual results can certainly vary, a large number of people are already completely dependent on the income generated from a remote coding career. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best remote coding jobs you can train right now.

Advantages and disadvantages of working remotely

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Many impressions Successful employers develop their own coding.

Before we get into the details, it’s important to shed some light on the reality of remote working. We’ve all seen those YouTube channels that focus on remote working. home, and many of these media claims have real validity. However, don’t expect life to get smooth and easy the moment you quit your job. Building a career from a distance takes patience and hard work. , especially if you’re a freelance writer. If you end up working for a company, it’s a little different, but the same rules apply. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of working for a company. economy of concerts.


  • Flexibility to set schedules or work with clients which allow you to set your own schedules.
  • You can choose your customers.
  • You can choose which projects you want to work on and avoid the ones you don’t want.
  • You can live and work anywhere you want (or need).
  • You can set your own rates and potentially reduce your hours and earn the same (or more) income.
  • Minimal discrimination: Most clients prefer skills and years of experience over education.


  • You must meet deadlines.
  • No one will make sure you stay focused.
  • The quality of your work should always be excellent.
  • You need to stay awake up to date on the latest skills and trends in your industry.
  • You need to market and manage your workload.

The 3 best paths of distance programming career

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Regarding remote programming tasks, not all jobs are available. Some positions in the technology industry require an in-person presence, especially if you work for a large corporation. However, the technology has spread to virtually every industry nationwide, increasing the demand for experienced programmers in dozens of different fields.

With that in mind, here are three of the best remote programming careers:

  • Web Development
  • Development applications
  • Cybersecurity

Web development

A business without a web presence in the 21st century, it may not even exist, especially if the business is looking to develop. Tens of thousands of corporate websites need people to update, repair, build, or design, which opens the door to profitable remote coding work.

It’s relatively difficult to determine exactly how much your freelance web developer salary will be, but average rates for people seem to charge for these remote locations between $ 60 and $ 80 per hour according to Codementor.

The demand for skilled web developers is increasing and the barrier to entry is relatively low for a job with six figure earning potential. Remote web development jobs often don’t require any formal training, but the coding bootcamp is university education is a plus.

D√©veloppement d ’applications

Entrepreneurs are multi-faceted individuals and many of them work tirelessly to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, programming is difficult and time consuming, so many of these motivated people never manage to learn.

As a result, they often need to hire an experienced programmer to turn their vision into a tangible product. Whether it’s an entrepreneur with the next big app idea or a small business looking to expand their tools, there is a lot of work available for remote app developers. Codementor indicates that these professional remote encoders charge between $ 61 and $ 80 for six on average.

Technically, application developers don’t " need " any formal education. However, the vast majority of people will benefit greatly from learning to code through a professional coding bootcamp. Again, most app developer clients prefer skills over education, so finding the best coding program for you is important.


Anything that can be designed is vulnerable to damage, and the Internet is no exception. Global cybersecurity threats are getting more advanced every year and businesses need protection. Common software can provide adequate protection for most, but businesses with sensitive data and complex computer systems need more advanced professional support.

This is why remote cybersecurity jobs are a great choice. From our analysis, it appears that many cybersecurity consultants and programmers charge between $ 40 and $ 200 per hour.

Cyber ‚Äã‚Äãsecurity professionals usually need some training, but there are plenty of good cyber security coding bootcamps in many American universities . These programs are a great way to start a career in cybersecurity with up-to-date knowledge and experience in the industry.

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