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Best Python online courses for 2022


Best Python online courses for 2022

Python is a universal language that has been growing in popularity over the past 5 years.

It is on it that the main code for World of Tanks, Battlefield 2 and several other world famous games is written. This language is used by indie developers, successful corporations with branches on every continent, and two of the most famous search engines.

It is suitable for those who want to start programming as soon as possible. We offer you to get to know this language better at paid and free courses for Python developers - there are plenty to choose from, we have prepared a huge selection of programs and materials that will help beginners to level up and will be useful to experienced programmers.

We offer you to get to know this language better at paid and free courses for Python developers - there are plenty to choose from, we have prepared a huge selection of programs and materials that will help beginners to level up and will be useful to experienced programmers.

In this review, we will analyze the TOP online Python courses. The courses will teach the profession "Python Developer" for beginners from scratch (including employment), teach the Python programming language (aka "Python") and the Django framework, teach how to develop websites, work with databases, test code, create simple and complex modular programs.

Online Python Course (Shultais Education)

If you want to not only watch lectures, but also practice solving problems to consolidate your skills, then pay attention to Shultais Education courses. As part of the training, you will have access to both video lessons and many tasks that can be solved in an interactive simulator right on the site. During the training, you will go from the basics of Python to OOP, exceptions and working with virtual environments. And if that's not enough, Shultais Education has courses on functional programming and an introduction to Django website development. In addition to the Python direction, you can get training in SQL, JavaScript and HTML. By the way, the Python course is completely in Russian, including video lessons, practice and support.

Some tips and information about the course:

  • You can sign up at any time
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Contains over 100 lessons and 250 assignments
  • Teacher support within 24 hours
  • EdCrunch Award Winner 2020
  • A certificate is available upon completion of the course.
  • There is a free trial period

Google's Python Online Courses

Python is one of the key languages ​​used at Google along with C++ and Java. In an attempt to educate more people about this language, Google created this class for people with little or no programming experience. Start by understanding the terminology before moving on to intermediate concepts such as working with text files, setting up HTTP connections, and more.

Some tips and information about the course:

  • Set up the environment before lectures begin.
  • The available training material is useful for both experienced and inexperienced people.
  • Lots of coding exercises for hands-on learning,
  • Participate in the forum, ask questions and share ideas.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Online Python Crash Course (Udemy)

Finding the right program can be an ordeal with so many options available online. On Udemy, you can find the right Python class for you by taking a short quiz. Some of the bestsellers include the complete Bootcamp, ML with hands-on lessons, full stack development, and financial analysis. At the end of the lessons, you have the opportunity to apply for a relevant job, start your own independent business, or move to more advanced specialties.

Some tips and information about the course:

  • Build a solid foundation of understanding in the language.
  • Work on examples based on real scenarios and find effective solutions.
  • Learn to code like a pro by following the tips and advice of an instructor.
  • Lectures + Exercises + Assignments + Downloadable Resources + Full Access to Life
  • Register to receive certificates at a nominal cost.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Free Python Introductory Course (Datacamp)

Datacamp is known for offering the most valuable programming courses for all types of people. This interactive Python course will introduce you to the basic concepts of Python and also introduce you to some advanced concepts such as Python lists, functions and packages, etc. It consists of four different chapters, among which the basics of Python are the easiest and the only free one. section available with the course. By completing this course, you will be able to gain in-depth knowledge of Python programming and how to apply it to analyze various data. In addition, you will be required to receive a certificate of completion upon completion of the course.

Some tips and information about the course:

  • One of the best interactive Python courses available online to help you develop your skills
  • Learn how to use Python interactively with a script, create your first variables, and become familiar with Python's basic data types.
  • Learn how to store, access, and deploy data in lists, the first step to working with large amounts of data.
  • Learn the use of Python functions, methods, and packages that allow you to effectively use Python programming
  • gain sufficient knowledge about NumPy, a fundamental Python package that will allow you to practice data science effectively

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Microsoft Python certification (edX)

It is a fact that Python is one of the programming languages ​​that can be used in almost all modern and new technological fields. So if you've been worried about learning a language and don't know where to start, then this is the place. In this hands-on program, you will be introduced to the details of the levels and concepts of this language. After learning the basic data types and variables, you can look at strings, inputs, testing, conditions, loops, and formatting. By the end of the certification, you will be able to write programs that interact with users by prompting them for input and providing the appropriate results.

Some tips and information about the course:

  • No prerequisites are required to enroll in the course.
  • Enough hands-on exercises and projects using Jupyter Notebooks on Azure without the need for any installation or configuration.
  • Learn the basics of troubleshooting your code.
  • Graded assignments will help you track your progress throughout the program.
  • Course content is available for free and certification can be added for an additional fee.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Free Python courses and certification (edX)

If you are interested in taking a Python course created by top enterprises or colleges from the world's leading universities, then edX has a huge list of Python courses and tutorials for you. There are several courses to choose from, each created by universities such as Harvard, MIT, etc. From an introduction to Python to Machine Learning with Python, you can explore every topic with these courses. What's more, most of these courses are completely free with no hidden fees. In addition, upon completion of any of the courses, you will receive a certificate of completion from edX.

Some tips and information about the course:

  • List of self-paced courses designed to give beginners an overview of Python programming
  • Learn the basics of writing Python programs, how to create algorithms, and how to test and debug Python code.
  • Learn the fundamental principles of writing advanced data analysis and machine learning with a Python script.
  • Understand the importance of Python in Data Science and how you can become a Data Scientist after learning advanced Python concepts
  • Get access to multiple practice exercises, quizzes and practice projects based on your chosen course.
  • Access to every course content without graded assignments for a limited period

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Coursera Python Certification and Python Online Course

With the widespread adoption of Python, it's no surprise that it has been recognized as one of the world's most beloved programming languages. Coursera offers a series of programs and certificates to start your journey or improve your language skills. Beginners can choose topics like programming for everyone and statistics using Python, while advanced learners can use their existing knowledge and channel it into areas like ML, AI, and visualization.

Some tips and information about the course:

  • Programmers for beginners have no prerequisites.
  • Choose from individual courses, degrees and specializations.
  • Learn about data structures, functions, syntax and semantics.
  • Learn anywhere, anytime with flexible classes.
  • Audit videos for free and get a verified certificate for an additional fee.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Complete Course for Web Developers 2.0 including Python (Udemy)

If you don't just want to master Python, but want to become an expert in the whole language, then this one is perfect for you. Over 150,000 students have already taken this web development tutorial and it has received a high approval rating of 4.6 out of 5. Rob Percival is your passionate programmer who also studied mathematics at the University of Cambridge! It offers 30 hours of high quality content in this course that is sure to leave you deeply satisfied.

Some tips and information about the course:

  • All about HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap 4, WordPress, PHP, MySQL and more
  • Introduction to Python
  • Variables, Arrays, Loops, Functions, If Statements in Python
  • How to create mobile applications based on HTML
  • Interface development
  • Bidding for freelance development projects
  • Applying for a Junior Developer Role

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Learn Python 3 Course Online (Codecademy)

If you are interested in learning the very latest version of one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, then this course is worth checking out. These Codecademy lessons provide a great introduction to both fundamental programming concepts and Python. Improvements made to this version of the language make your code more efficient and simpler.

Some tips and information about the course:

  • A great course to get started with Python without any prior experience.
  • Learn the syntax, data types, and basic features of the language.
  • Lots of programming exercises to hone your programming skills.
  • Interactive code examples make the lessons fun and easy to understand.
  • You can also sign up for a free Python course on Codecademy

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

We hope you have found courses that suit your needs. We wish you all the best in your educational journey!

Top Free Resources for Learning Python

Learn Python programming with free resources that will help you become an in-demand programmer. We bring to your attention a selection of Russian-language and English-language sites for learning a popular programming language.

Python is gaining popularity among developers due to its ease of use for a variety of purposes. Free training courses will help you learn the basics of this high-level programming language and its features. The resources presented in the article are more suitable for beginners, but professionals will also find something new in our list. You can consolidate the acquired knowledge through mobile applications for learning Python.

Information for beginners and experienced programmers: basics (functions, classes, operations, etc.), a guide to databases, materials for advanced developers (specializations, maps, multi-user arguments, partial functions, etc.). Here you can test your knowledge in practice: write code, run the program and get an error report.

A Byte of Python

The Bite of the Python is one of the most famous tutorials on the popular programming language. It is distributed free of charge and is ideal for beginners: principles, basic concepts, syntax basics, programming instructions - everything is here.


Learning Python 2 from fundamental knowledge to writing code. Interactive classes with the ability to run and test the code through a browser without additional settings. The advantage of the platform is that there is no need to write the entire code - you only need to make small changes and run programs.


This site contains several free courses with video materials. The following are most in demand:

  • Basics of Python 3.
  • Python Practice For Beginners.
  • Learn Python 3 From Scratch.
  • Learn Python Language Fundamentals In Simple Way.
  • Python for Absolute Beginners Part 1 and Part 2.


An integration text platform that allows you to explore the concept and write code for each lesson. A beginner does not have to download and configure anything on his device, all training takes place on the site. At the beginning of the course, there is an explanation of the basics and concepts that you will have to solve problems for working with functional programming and data structures.

Code School

Free after registration, you can get access only for 10 days, and for further training you need to pay $29. Course materials are designed for experienced developers who need to improve their knowledge.


An interactive resource with a collection of functional tasks, interesting tests, displaying results, holding discussions with colleagues and increasing the rank. The gameplay motivates you to quickly click puzzles.


A gaming platform in which the acquisition of new knowledge and coding skills takes place in a relaxed mode. A creative approach to learning and the support of colleagues allow you to achieve the desired goals in a short time.


For development enthusiasts, this is a great resource that allows you to test your knowledge of Python. On the site you can study the theoretical foundations of the language and examples of its use, as well as practice creating programs based on all the materials presented.

Python Developer Communities

Online learning, consultations with colleagues, answers to specific questions - all this can be obtained in communities. Their advantage is free support from novice developers and seasoned professionals. You need to ask questions, clearly identifying the topic and describing the problem that needs to be solved.

Python Programmers Forum

Professional programmers in the community answer questions from newbies and more experienced developers. Here you can quickly get advice on the code, if you correctly format the title and clearly formulate the question.


An international community that brought together like-minded people in Python programming. Communication takes place through the Slack service, in which it is not difficult to write and quickly find any member of the community. Communication through thematic channels and personal correspondence will speed up the process of learning and problem solving.

Free Video Lectures on Python Programming

Videos will help fans of visual and voice perception of information in learning a programming language. We present a small selection of video courses in which lecturers talk about the basics of the language, as well as give practical recommendations for developing applications.

Learn Python - The Complete Beginner Course

The long (more than 4 hours) lecture contains information on installing and configuring Python and PyCharm, shows how to create a calculator and a game. Everything is presented in the course - from variables and lists, to modules and functions.

Python Tutorial - Python for Beginners

Classes, modules, parameters and other theory are covered in a six-hour video. At the end, instructor Mosh breaks down three projects: automation, machine learning, and website building. The lecturer gives material in good English, subtitles are also available.

Python Tutorial for Beginners

A playlist of 220 videos that collects all sorts of data for beginners learning Python programming. Syntax, commands, exception handling, extensions and everything else you need for interactive learning.

Google Python Class

19 videos from the Google Developers team with information about Python web programming. Experienced developers demonstrate the practical application of the material presented in the theoretical courses of Google's Python Class.

Learning Python can be extremely fun if you choose the right resource from the ones listed above. The good news is that you don't have to pay for it. If you don’t want to immerse yourself in online courses and lectures, you should consider the option of self-study from books: we have already published the TOP 10 of the best of them, which provide concise and intelligible information on the basics of the language and how to use it for a variety of purposes.

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