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Experienced developers are usually asked, "What is the best programming language to start learning for those interested in technology ?"

Most will have the same answer: JavaScript.

JavaScript is one of the most essential programming languages ‚Äã‚Äãfor anyone interested in learning programming or computer science in general. It is a useful, high-level, object-oriented programming language.

Check out our list of the best JavaScript books for beginners; we believe that these books will help code newbies to become full JavaScript developers. You are destined to become a master of JavaScript programming after adding these resources to your collection.

1. Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition: A Modern Introduction to Programming g, Marijn Haverbeke

Many experienced developers recommend this book to introduce newcomers to the programming language tion. Marijn Haverbeke teaches you the language through numerous examples and immerses you in the code right from the start.

The book offers exercises and programs for the entire chapter, providing beginners with hands-on experience. It also gives readers the opportunity to practice writing their own applications. The current 3rd edition gives you a deep dive into the concepts and reflects the current state of JS and web browsers. The author includes updated material and exercises to test your skills in the updated methods.

2. JavaScript: the good parts, Douglas Crockford

The first edition of the book came out at the beginning of the JS language. JavaScript became the language of the web by default when Java applets failed. As a result, the language has become popular at all levels.

This book is a quick read for those looking for a crash course in language. It not only teaches us the good parts of the language, but also how to avoid bad habits.

Crockford’s book covers the History and Evolution of JavaScript. The book filters through well-intentioned cobblestone ideas to showcase the elegant parts of JavaScript. Topics include syntax, functions, inheritance, methods, regular expressions, and more.

3. Efficient JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript, David Herman

David Herman provides an in-depth look at the programming language . He wrote this book for JS developers of all skill levels to get best practices. He uses his field experience to provide realistic examples to help developers learn the tricks to deliver effective code.

This book is intended for developers who are just starting out to code. Provides in-depth knowledge of producing efficient, reliable and manageable code.

4. You don’t know JS , Kyle Simpson

The book series You Don’t Know JS is one of the most popular series for learning JavaScript. Each book in the series shares similarities in style and scope. The segments of the series are divided to allow the reader to focus on each of the technical concepts of JavaScript.

We start with the basics and finally move on to ECMAScript 6 in the last installment. These are quick reads for anyone who needs a basic understanding of each concept (each book is approximately 100 pages long). But the brevity of the books is just as effective for learning as an average detailed JavaScript book.

5. Head First JavaScript Programming: A Brain-Friendly Guide, Eric Freeman

Eric Freeman has developed this book to provide a hands-on experience for learning JS. This book covers elements ranging from basic fundamentals to advanced concepts. Each topic offers you tons of exercises, games, puzzles, and other JavaScript interactions. This book moves away from heavy textual material, providing novice developers with an easier visual appearance for the modern brain

6. JavaScript and JQuery: interactive front-end web development, Jon Duckett

This book is a great addition to your JavaScript book collection. This is for those who are interested in learning beyond the basics of the language you learn JS basics, but the author jumps. mid - way . throughout the book jQuery

jQuery is a concept that enables developers to simplify the process of writing scripts. Programmers recommend this book because of the methods used to transition JavaScript to jQuery.

Duckett provides many examples of syntax and images to guide you through learning each concept. end of the book, you will not only know how to get around JavaScript and jQuery, but you will also be able to create your own own scripts from scratch.

7. JavaScri pt: the ultimate guide: activating your web pages , David Flanagan

This has been a dedicated resource for JavaScript programmers since 1996. many programmers will have this or on their list of recommended books for beginners. This book covers the basics, as well as various features of the JavaScript API and web platform for developing web applications.

The Sixth Edition puts Update not only focuses on HTML5 and ECMAScript5, but many chapters have been rewritten in the current edition to include modern updates in web development practices. Anyone interested in learning programming languages ‚Äã‚Äãon the web should definitely try this book.

8. A smarter way to learn JavaScript, Mark Myers

According to the author, Mark Myers, he wrote the book and the exercises primarily for beginners in programming. he wrote each chapter in a style and manner that is easy for the average person to understand.

He wanted to provide explanations that even children could understand, so he wrote the whole book on one level Grade 6 The slow, easy-to-read pace helps programming newbies understand everything clearly. This means your brain won’t be affected by all this new language. Don’t those seemingly foreign words.

9. Learn JavaScript Visually, Ivelin Demirov

This book is currently one of the best resources for visual learners. The main book includes a comprehensive guide and online resources to get the full explanation and understanding of each concept

Readers may see items presented with color illustrations to help their brains remember the images. This book does not go into deep or complex concepts of JavaScript, but focuses on providing a visual experience for beginners.

10. JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming, Nick Morgan

This book offers children an introduction to JavaScript and other essentials of programming, but even adults unfamiliar with programming. with programming and code can use it as a resource, as the book makes complex topics easy to understand.

11. Programming JavaScript applications: robust web architecture with Node, HTML5 and modern JS libraries, Eric Elliott

Eric Elliott wrote this book in response to the question: "How do you use JavaScript to create a real application?‚" Other books would ask the question " How do you use JavaScript ? ‚"

Elliott noticed that many books did not teach you how to add functionality to large web programs without affecting the rest of your code. He composed this book to provide a solution to this problem. This book is a resource for those who learn advanced code and discuss basic concepts for those new to learning programming.


Here is a quick recap of the best JavaScript books:

  1. Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition: A Modern Introduction to Programming,
    By Marijn Haverbeke
  2. JavaScript: The Good Parts,
    By Douglas Crockford
  3. Efficient JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript,
    By David Herman
  4. You New to JS,
    By Kyle Simpson
  5. Head First JavaScript Programming: A Brain-Friendly Guide,
    By Eric Freeman
  6. JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development,
    By Jon Duckett
  7. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide to Activating Your Web Pages, by David Flanagan
  8. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript,
    By Mark Myers
  9. Learn JavaScript Visually,
    By Ivelin Demirov
  10. JavaScript po For Children: A Fun Introduction to Programming,
    By Nick Morgan
  11. Jav Programming Applied Scripts: Robu Web Architecture

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    Javascript Book __del__: Questions

    How can I make a time delay in Python?

    5 answers

    I would like to know how to put a time delay in a Python script.


    Answer #1

    import time
    time.sleep(5)   # Delays for 5 seconds. You can also use a float value.

    Here is another example where something is run approximately once a minute:

    import time
    while True:
        print("This prints once a minute.")
        time.sleep(60) # Delay for 1 minute (60 seconds).


    Answer #2

    You can use the sleep() function in the time module. It can take a float argument for sub-second resolution.

    from time import sleep
    sleep(0.1) # Time in seconds

    Javascript Book __del__: Questions

    How to delete a file or folder in Python?

    5 answers

    How do I delete a file or folder in Python?


    Answer #1

    Path objects from the Python 3.4+ pathlib module also expose these instance methods:

    We hope this article has helped you to resolve the problem. Apart from Javascript Book, check other __del__-related topics.

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    By the way, this material is also available in other languages:

    Oliver Ungerschaft

    Paris | 2023-03-29

    code Python module is always a bit confusing 😭 Javascript Book is not the only problem I encountered. Checked yesterday, it works!

    Schneider Galleotti

    Vigrinia | 2023-03-29

    Thanks for explaining! I was stuck with Javascript Book for some hours, finally got it done 🤗. Will use it in my bachelor thesis

    Javier Robinson

    Singapore | 2023-03-29

    imp Python module is always a bit confusing 😭 Javascript Book is not the only problem I encountered. Will use it in my bachelor thesis


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