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Best Books to Learn Python for Beginners and Experts in 2019

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First, let’s start with simple and focus on the best Python books for beginners and then move on to more advanced books!

Best Python books for beginners

1. Crash Course Python: A Practical Introduction to Project-Based Programming (2nd Edition)

By Eric Matts

If you want a crash course in Python, fear not! Crash Course Python — this is a great book that goes into detail about Python so you can write programs and solve problems in no time! In this book, you will explore various Python tools (NumPy, Pygal etc.), Build basic 2-D games in Python, build custom web apps, etc.
The Python Crash Course is mainly divided into 2 parts, with the first part focusing on writing the right programs and adding them into the project. The second part is much more fun! It focuses on more practical Python applications with three essential projects: an arcade game like Space Invaders, data visualization using Python libraries, and a basic web application.  Buy Python Crash Course Book

2. Head-First Python: A Manual for the Brain (2nd Edition)

By Paul Barry

If you’re tired of dealing with Python instructions, Head-First Python — that’s what you need! This book — a brain guide (as the name suggests!), and it provides a more visual format to engage your brain, rather than a textual approach that can get pretty boring.

Head-First Python starts the Python journey with embedded data structures and functions and goes to Python web applications, database management, exception handling, data processing, etc. Interesting topics such as understandings, context managers, decorators and generators are: everything is available for study. Head-First Python — it’s a multi-touch learning experience that will help you become a conscientious Python programmer!  Buy Head-First Python Book

3. Learn Python the Hard Way: 3rd Edition

Posted by Zed A. Shaw

Learn Python, the hard way is worth it! This book will teach you Python using 52 beautifully done exercises. You must type the exact code for these exercises (no copy and paste!), And then fix the mistakes you made and run the code. It will teach you how to write good code and how to fix bugs that professional programmers use. 
Learn Python, the hard way starts by helping you set up a complete Python environment and then moves on to the basics of math, variables, strings, data structures, object oriented programming and other important topics. This book claims to be rewarded for every minute you put into it and you will get one of the most powerful and popular programming languages ​​in the world !!!  Buy Learn Python Hard Path Book

4. Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science (3rd Edition)

By: John M. Zelle

Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science is ideal if you want to understand standard computer science concepts using the very non-standard Python language !!! This book tries to explain the basic concepts of computer science as simply as possible, but not oversimplified. It can also be used as a standard textbook for your first computer course in college as it focuses on basic computer science skills such as design, programming, and most importantly, problem solving.  Buy Python Programming Book

Best Python Books for Mid-Level Professionals / Experts

1. The Python Cookbook: Recipes for Mastering Python 3 (3rd Edition)

By Brian Jones, David Beasley

The Python Cookbook provides a delightful combination of Python recipes to help you learn Python 3 programming or upgrade your Python 2 knowledge. These delicious recipes will enable you to become an accomplished Python cook with a focus on the core Python language and common tasks related to Python applications. 
The Python Cookbook contains recipes on topics such as data structures and algorithms, iterators and generators, coding and processing data, functions, classes and objects, concurrency, and many more. Each of these recipes contains a problem and a solution to that problem, as well as code examples for better understanding. And this is not enough, my friends! A discussion is also provided that focuses on the solution and how it works.  Buy Python Cookbook

2. An Introduction to Machine Learning with Python: A Guide for Data Scientists (1st Edition)

Authors: Andreas Müller, Sara Guido

Machine Learning is currently a hot topic with a few applications that are only limited by your imagination! So, Introduction to Machine Learning with Python tries to expand your imagination by teaching you how to create your own machine learning solutions using Python and the scikit-learn library. This book starts with the basics of machine learning and then moves on to the advantages and disadvantages of various machine learning algorithms. It will then cover various advanced topics such as data processing, model evaluation, pipelines, etc. In short, you will essentially be using Python to improve your machine learning skills.  Buy An Introduction to Machine Learning with the Python Book

3 ... Free Python: Programming Clear, Concise, and Efficient (1st Edition)

By Luciano Ramalho

If you want to be fluent in Python friends, Fluent Python — this book is for you !!! This is a practical guide that will teach you in detail how to write the most efficient Python code using the best (as well as the most overlooked!) Python features. This is necessary because most programmers try to adapt the patterns they have learned with other languages ​​to Python and therefore never learn the best of it. 
Fluent Python first covers the Python data model and then moves on to data structures, functions, object-oriented idioms, control flow, metaprogramming, etc. This is a complete overview of the core Python functions and libraries that will ultimately teach you make your code shorter, faster, and more readable.  Buy Free Python Book

4. Python Programming: Powerful Object Oriented Programming (4th Edition)

By Mark Lutz

If you understand the basics of Python and now want to do some real work, Python Programming — this is the book for you! It will help you get an in-depth look at basic Python applications such as system administration, GUI, web applications, databases, networking, and more, with lots of examples. 
Topics covered in Python Programming start with an introduction to Quick Python and then cover systems programming, GUI programming, Internet programming, and more. All of these concepts are explained in a clear and concise manner using many examples. to make sure you get it right.  Buy Python Book Programming

5. Grokking’s Algorithms: An Illustrated Guide for Programmers and Other Nosy People (1st Edition)

Author: Aditya Bhargava

Learning algorithms in Python doesn’t have to be boring! This is aptly demonstrated by Grokking’s algorithms, as it breaks away from the monotony of reading dense, multi-page proofs that are available in most textbooks on algorithms. This book talks about learning algorithms in a fun and engaging way, using many illustrations. 
Grokking algorithms start off with simpler topics like sorting and searching, and eventually move on to much more complex topics like data compression, artificial intelligence, etc. All of these topics are presented with helpful illustrations together with code examples in Python.  Buy a book on Grokking’s algorithms