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As a student, the world of programming can be quite overwhelming. Between learning different languages ‚Äã‚Äãand mastering the basics, it can be hard to tell if you’re really on the right track for success. Therefore, it is important to streamline the process, starting with choosing the best tools for the job.

Aside from which language you choose to learn first, the most important tool is your Atom , and see if one can be.

Sublime texte

 sublime text editor’s logo html

Sublime is generally listed as the best text editor of many developers. Sublime runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS and, with over a decade, is an industry veteran. Built using both C++ and Python , Sublime is versatile and operates at a remarkably fast pace.

Sublime: Pro

Sublime is also loaded with amazing features, all in the form of plugins and extensions.The program is quite simple and ready to use, allowing its users to fully customize their experience.

Sublime is designed for quick editing and is able to open and edit multiple files at both, making it an ideal text editor for large projects.

In addition, Sublime has a wonderful navigation feature called " GoTo " which allows users to access any piece of their code in the blink of an eye. The program also allows programmers to zoom out and see their code as a solid page instead of having to scroll through lines individually.

Overall, Sublime is a very fast and smooth text editor optimized for large projects and customizable for any coding style.

Sublime: Against

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So much sublime Experience relies on plugins and extensions which can be a coding lesson in itself for a beginner, even to bring Sublime to an optimal state. According to Dunebook , Sublime asks its users to install a package even before starting the encoding process. Therefore, users should know which plugins, extensions, and packages best enhance their experience. With only a 30-day trial period before you have to purchase that full $ 70 license, find the right plugins and extensions, and learn how to install them, it might overwhelm you.

What’s New Additionally, Sublime is not open source, which mean s that (as stated by Slant ) doesn’t have as many new developments or plugins as open source text editors offer. It might not mean much to begin with, but as you progress through more complex projects having more options is always a plus.

Overall, Sublime seems to be a very complete and successful program. But let’s not stop there! Atom is a strong and growing competitor with a Sublime feel. Users continually report that Atom has a better out-of-the-box experience than Sublime. But with Sublime’s reliable and fast software, you’re going to have to take a closer look.


Atom HTML editor

Atom is an open source text editor developed in 2014 by GitHub. Created using Node JS and HTML, it supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Atom: Pro

Atom is visually oriented with features such as Mini-maps of individual folders, folder trees for drag-and-drop style organization and over 2,900 themes that you can download directly from their theme page. In addition to its visual orientation, Atom is also fully customizable. . The software has wonderful plugins and packages that allow users to create almost anything. As they were developed by GitHub, Atom’s Git integration is flawless.

The out-of-the-box features of Atom, such as project sidebar, modular design and the built-in package manager, get Atom users ready to write code right from the start uncle. - Using Atom are in stark contrast to Sublime, where, before even starting to program, users must install an extension that allows them to download packages that can increase Sublime’s functionality.

The price for all of this? Well, that’s the best feature: Atom is absolutely free.

Atom is, overall, a stellar app ! Easy to customize, but ready to use, the box could very well be the golden mean for beginners as well as for experts. However, no software can do it all, and Atom is no exception.

The most common complaint is that the speed of the atom is much slower than that of Sublime ; as a result, sometimes delays when working with long lists of extensions, files and plugins.

The advantage of Atom is that it is open source, with 63 main contributors in addition to device developers playing with its "hackable" interface. That mean s he’s always improving. It releases regular updates to increase its ability to handle larger files and more packages.

Even so, at the moment Atom is not as capable as Sublime of loading and using large files. Atom is also slower than Sublime when it comes to startup times, opening large projects, and searching the editor.

Basically, with Atom, don’t expect you to be able to make a few quick changes in a matter of minutes.

The Lowdown

Atom and Sublime Text are both robust text editors with a bright future. With all the information we have just given you, it can be difficult to make a decision. Next, let’s set up a side-by-side comparison to assess the options.

Sublime vs Atom: comparison summary

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Looking at By comparison, it’s easy to see why Sublime started out as such a strong contender in the world of text editors and why so many people swear by it today. Sublime is very powerful and fast and is an excellent text editor for editing large projects.

However, Sublime’s lack of updates and closed source code limit its opportunities for growth. As we know, the technology industry is based on expansion and flexibility. It looks like Atom is taking the lead when it comes to flexibility with its open source code, numerous contributors, and easy-to-install packages.

One last word on the debate between Atom and Sublime

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Atom and Sublime are very serious contenders with each other. By all appearances, it looks like Sublime is the reigning champion of text editors, but Atom is the emerging outsider who will soon take the lead.

The developers of Atom are continually making improvements to increase its speed, efficiency, number of extensions and plug-ins, and overall performance . Sublime is an industry veteran, but I Its developers seem to be taking fewer and fewer incremental steps as the industry grows. Atom’s steady progression in quality proves the program is the slow turtle and stable which eventually wins the race.

N Overall, Sublime is a wonderful program to start the stages. es. However, as a student you may find it in your best interest (and your wallet) to invest some time in learning about Atom, as he seems to be on his way to becoming the new industry leader. .

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By the way, this material is also available in other languages:

Schneider Innsbruck

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Maybe there are another answers? What Sublime Ide Javascript exactly means?. I just hope that will not emerge anymore

Oliver Emmerson

Berlin | 2023-04-01

Simply put and clear. Thank you for sharing. Sublime Ide Javascript and other issues with FFI PHP module was always my weak point 😁. I am just not quite sure it is the best method

Dmitry Ungerschaft

Moscow | 2023-04-01

__future__ Python module is always a bit confusing 😭 Sublime Ide Javascript is not the only problem I encountered. I just hope that will not emerge anymore


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Atom Sublime Text
Cost 0 $ 70 $ (after test)
Platforms Linux, Mac, Windows Linux, Mac, Windows
6 years (since 2014) 12 years (since 2008)
Packages / Plugins 8,500 + more than 4,900
Themes over 2,900 over 170
Security Open source Closed
Language Prima grammé Node JS and HTML C++ and Python
Main contributors 63 ~ 3
Users 1+ million 17+ million