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At the Quanta plant, about 100 workers, ignoring the quarantine, jumped the fences and tried to return to the dormitories

According to Bloomberg, at the Quanta plant, where Apple equipment is manufactured, due to increased coronavirus restrictions, some of the workers (about a hundred) attempted to leave the plant. The statement said the workers attempted to enter the dormitories after their shift. They jumped over the gate and ran past the guards despite being told to turn back.

The publication refers to Quanta employees who confirmed this incident. It happened on Thursday evening. One of the unnamed factory workers shared information with the media about the concern of the staff due to the tightening of coronavirus measures. Another unnamed worker spoke of the normalization of the situation by Friday morning.

MacBooks under the risk

Quanta is one of Apple’s key partners. The manufacturer assembles MacBooks and other devices. In addition to Apple, he collaborates with other IT giants: for example, with HP, Dell and Microsoft.

Another publication, Economic Daily, already from Taiwan, also reports on this incident. It says the Quanta is only running at 30% capacity, and a 50% increase is not expected even in calm conditions. Perhaps because of these problems, shipments of MacBook Pro will decrease.

Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: Bloomberg


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