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Apple to be sued over AirPods that damaged baby’s eardrums

In California, Apple was sued because AirPods damaged the eardrums of a 12-year-old boy.

The lawsuit alleges that the incident occurred while a child was watching a Netflix movie on their iPhone in 2020 using AirPods Pro. The headphones were allegedly set to low volume, but without warning, an Amber Alert sounded through them, and the sudden drop in sound damaged the boy's eardrums. These alerts are designed to attract the attention of ‌iPhone‌ owners by making the devices play loud sounds and vibrate.

The lawsuit alleges that Amber Alert "ruptured" the child's eardrum, damaging his hearing. Since then, the boy has been suffering from bouts of dizziness, tinnitus and nausea, as well as regularly losing hearing in his right ear and wearing a hearing aid.

Apple has been accused of producing "defective" AirPods that don't automatically turn down the volume of alerts and notifications. The company was allegedly aware of the problem, but did not include warnings about alleged design defects.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages for a child and their parents who are experiencing severe emotional stress caused by the AirPods incident.

There have been other complaints about Amber Alert as well. Users have repeatedly stated that they are excessively loud and work even when the AirPods are set to a reasonable volume.

Alerts can be turned off in the Settings app by opening the Notifications section, scrolling down and tapping the toggle to deactivate the feature.

The lawsuit against Apple

Previously, the owner of Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones filed a lawsuit against Apple. He accused the company that the design of the case for the device interferes with proper charging. Vivar stresses that Apple is deceiving consumers by claiming battery life. According to him, the company was aware of the existing problems, but it did not solve them.

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Apple to be sued over AirPods that damaged baby's eardrums News: Questions


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