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An engineer played Doom on a miniature Lego monitor

Engineer James Brown (James Brown) from New Zealand showed his project of a miniature monitor from Lego parts. The author played Doom on a homemade product, however, he launched the game itself on another device, and used the compact monitor only to display the image.

As a basis, the engineer took a ready-made part that imitates the terminal. The controls and the screen on such parts are usually depicted with paint, but the craftsman decided to make a modification with a real display and the ability to display an image. As the “brain” of the device, a board with an Arm Cortex M0 processor is used, to which an OLED with a diagonal of 0.42 inches is connected. All elements are placed in a part printed on a 3D printer.

The engineer made two of these monitors and ran a demo with an endless maze on one of them. Touch controls are built into the top of the monitor, with which the user can control the character.

The engineer also launched Doom on the monitor. It is important to note that the homemade monitor was only used as an output device. The game itself was launched on another device, but the author of the project does not say on which one.

Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: Python.Engineering,

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