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The appendChild () JavaScript method adds an element to the end of a node. appendChild () is often used to add

  • elements to a list. You must use multiple appendChild () statements if you want to add more than one item to a node.

    Some lists contain text ; other directories contain images; other lists contain custom web items. Regardless of the content of a list, one thing is for sure: Web pages are full of lists.

    When you create a list, you usually encode its values ‚Äã‚Äãin HTML. This process can be speeded up using a method called JavaScript appendChild. This method allows you to add an item to the end of a list or other web item, such as a blockquote.

    In this guide, we’ll talk about what appendChild () is in JavaScript and how it works. We’ll look at an example to get you started. Let’s get started!

    What is appendChild JavaScript?

    appendChild () appends a node at the end of a parent node. appendChild () is commonly used to add items to an HTML list. A node refers to any element of the HTML Document Object Model (DOM).

    The syntax of appendChild () looks like this:

    "parent" refers to the element to which you want to add a child. "Child" is the item you want to add at the end of the parent.

    You must use a method such as JavaScript getElementById () or another "Get" to retrieve an element. Alternatively, you can create an HTML element in JavaScript and then use that element as a "parent" object with appendChild ().

  • For example, a list of scone recipes would contain a list of nodes. These nodes would probably be

  • because we would create a list.

    A parent

  • Setting up a front-end

    For First, we will put in puts up a basic interface displaying our list of student names. Open a file called index.html and paste this code:

    We have created a basic HTML document. This document contains a title and a list without sub-elements. The list is represented by the


      Now let’s add some styles to our page in a file called styles.css to improve the aesthetics of our web page:

      This CSS rule will define a light gray background color for our page. To do this, we use the CSS background-color property . It also moves the content of the tag to the center of the page. To learn more about how we structured the layout, check out our Guide to CSS Box Models .

      Our page is still not working. We haven’t added anything to the list. This is what our page looks like when you open it in a browser:

       53h1N2e2JcTmRTZIFItMB6Lz9mFISGZQ CP6OkNpEvNsAmFR5uykmTYLkS1F50UOokk62H14EHqSN4LOq0f3eGcfshnlatBuNVgGGf0WKaDgoBs8g . <h3 you can add web parts list, we have to select the elements with which we will work. Open a file called scripts.js and add this code: </p>  <p>This line of code will select the item on our page with the tag <em><ul> </em> This represents our list. Next, we’ll create an item to add to our list:</p>  <p>This code creates a text node with an <em><li></em> tag that contains the word

    Using JavaScript appendChild () method

    appendChild () allows us to add elements to a node. the following code at the bottom of the scripts.js file:

    This will add the list item we created earlier to our list. Let us open our web page and see the results:

    PPX9hW Qztc6gNJKNyOeRE2U6hg08YNO H0wIbQGGo9MfA90aFLp A7RDQ8 PsqdHEh6mSG OcHJeDB3efXaFHwI9Fa9DUKqkBjA7qzYk49xSJgps8C2vXIrS0sUxDOoDhiw TGS

    our list is now a part, we can make our code more efficient ient the creation of a function that adds elements to our list. This will allow us to add more elements without having to repeat our createElement code from before.

    Edit the createElement and textContent lines of code to look like this:

    This function will create a new

  • element each time it is called. Next, modify the appendChild () statement to use this function:

    This will create three students: Mark, Chloe and Louise. Let’s open our index.html file again and see if the changes have been made:

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