Set markers for individual points on a line in Matplotlib


I have used Matplotlib to plot lines on a figure. Now I would now like to set the style, specifically the marker, for individual points on the line. How do I do this?

To clarify my question, I want to be able to set the style for individual markers on a line, not every marker on said line.

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Specify the keyword args linestyle and/or marker in your call to plot.

For example, using a dashed line and blue circle markers:

plt.plot(range(10), linestyle="--", marker="o", color="b")

A shortcut call for the same thing:

plt.plot(range(10), "--bo")


Here is a list of the possible line and marker styles:

================    ===============================
character           description
================    ===============================
   -                solid line style
   --               dashed line style
   -.               dash-dot line style
   :                dotted line style
   .                point marker
   ,                pixel marker
   o                circle marker
   v                triangle_down marker
   ^                triangle_up marker
   <                triangle_left marker
   >                triangle_right marker
   1                tri_down marker
   2                tri_up marker
   3                tri_left marker
   4                tri_right marker
   s                square marker
   p                pentagon marker
   *                star marker
   h                hexagon1 marker
   H                hexagon2 marker
   +                plus marker
   x                x marker
   D                diamond marker
   d                thin_diamond marker
   |                vline marker
   _                hline marker
================    ===============================

edit: with an example of marking an arbitrary subset of points, as requested in the comments:

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

xs = np.linspace(-np.pi, np.pi, 30)
ys = np.sin(xs)
markers_on = [12, 17, 18, 19]
plt.plot(xs, ys, "-gD", markevery=markers_on)


This last example using the markevery kwarg is possible in since 1.4+, due to the merge of this feature branch. If you are stuck on an older version of matplotlib, you can still achieve the result by overlaying a scatterplot on the line plot. See the edit history for more details.

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There is a picture show all markers" name and description, i hope it will help you.

import matplotlib.pylab as plt

markers = [".",",","o","v","^","<",">","1","2","3","4","8","s","p","P","*","h","H","+","x","X","D","d","|","_"]
descriptions = ["point", "pixel", "circle", "triangle_down", "triangle_up","triangle_left",
                "triangle_right", "tri_down", "tri_up", "tri_left", "tri_right", "octagon",
                "square", "pentagon", "plus (filled)","star", "hexagon1", "hexagon2", "plus",
                "x", "x (filled)","diamond", "thin_diamond", "vline", "hline"]

for i in range(5):
    for j in range(5):
plt.figure(figsize=(8, 8))

for i,j,m,l in zip(x,y,markers,descriptions):
    plt.text(i-0.15,j+0.15,s=m+" : "+l)


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