How can I create directories recursively?


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Is there a Python method to create directories recursively? I have this path:


I would like to create


Can I do it recursively or I have to create one directory after the other?

The same thing for:

chmod and chown can I do it recursively without assign permissions for each file/dir?

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How can I create directories recursively? chmod: Questions

How do you do a simple "chmod +x" from within python?

1 answers

I want to create a file from within a python script that is executable.

import os
import stat
os.chmod("somefile", stat.S_IEXEC)

it appears os.chmod doesn"t "add" permissions the way unix chmod does. With the last line commented out, the file has the filemode -rw-r--r--, with it not commented out, the file mode is ---x------. How can I just add the u+x flag while keeping the rest of the modes intact?


Answer #1

Use os.stat() to get the current permissions, use | to or the bits together, and use os.chmod() to set the updated permissions.


import os
import stat

st = os.stat("somefile")
os.chmod("somefile", st.st_mode | stat.S_IEXEC)


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