Getting the return value of Javascript code in Selenium


I"m using Selenium2 for some automated tests of my website, and I"d like to be able to get the return value of some Javascript code. If I have a foobar() Javascript function in my webpage and I want to call that and get the return value into my Python code, what can I call to do that?

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To return a value, simply use the return JavaScript keyword in the string passed to the execute_script() method, e.g.

>>> from selenium import webdriver
>>> wd = webdriver.Firefox()
>>> wd.get("http://localhost/foo/bar")
>>> wd.execute_script("return 5")
>>> wd.execute_script("return true")
>>> wd.execute_script("return {foo: "bar"}")
{u"foo": u"bar"}
>>> wd.execute_script("return foobar()")

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