How to make a class property?

In python I can add a method to a class with the @classmethod decorator. Is there a similar decorator to add a property to a class? I can better show what I"m talking about.

class Example(object):
   the_I = 10
   def __init__( self ):
      self.an_i = 20

   def i( self ):
      return self.an_i

   def inc_i( self ):
      self.an_i += 1

   # is this even possible?
   def I( cls ):
      return cls.the_I

   def inc_I( cls ):
      cls.the_I += 1

e = Example()
assert e.i == 20
assert e.i == 21

assert Example.I == 10
assert Example.I == 11

Is the syntax I"ve used above possible or would it require something more?

The reason I want class properties is so I can lazy load class attributes, which seems reasonable enough.

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