How to extract the substring between two markers?


Let"s say I have a string "gfgfdAAA1234ZZZuijjk" and I want to extract just the "1234" part.

I only know what will be the few characters directly before AAA, and after ZZZ the part I am interested in 1234.

With sed it is possible to do something like this with a string:

echo "$STRING" | sed -e "s|.*AAA(.*)ZZZ.*|1|"

And this will give me 1234 as a result.

How to do the same thing in Python?

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Using regular expressions - documentation for further reference

import re

text = "gfgfdAAA1234ZZZuijjk"

m ="AAA(.+?)ZZZ", text)
if m:
    found =

# found: 1234


import re

text = "gfgfdAAA1234ZZZuijjk"

    found ="AAA(.+?)ZZZ", text).group(1)
except AttributeError:
    # AAA, ZZZ not found in the original string
    found = "" # apply your error handling

# found: 1234

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