Python Django Rest Framework UnorderedObjectListWarning


I upgraded from Django 1.10.4 to 1.11.1 and all of a sudden I"m getting a ton of these messages when I run my tests:

Pagination may yield inconsistent results with an unordered object_list: 
<QuerySet [<Group: Requester>]>
paginator = self.django_paginator_class(queryset, page_size)

I"ve traced that back to the Django Pagination module:

It seems to be related to my queryset code:

return get_user_model().objects.filter(

How can I find more details on this warning? It seems to be that I need to add a order_by(id) on the end of every filter, but I can"t seem to find which code needs the order_by added (because the warning doesn"t return a stack trace and so it happens randomly during my test run).



So by using @KlausD. verbosity tip, I looked at a test causing this error:

response = self.client.get("/api/orders/")

This goes to OrderViewSet but none of the things in get_queryset cause it and nothing in serializer class causes it. I have other tests that use the same code to get /api/orders and those don"t cause it.... What does DRF do after get_queryset?

If I put a traceback into pagination then I get a whole bunch of stuff related to django rest framework but nothing that points back to which of my queries is triggering the order warning.

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So in order to fix this I had to find all of the all, offset, filter, and limit clauses and add a order_by clause to them. Some I fixed by adding a default ordering:

class Meta:
   ordering = ["-id"]

In the ViewSets for Django Rest Framework (app/ I had to update all of the get_queryset methods as adding a default ordering didn"t seem to work.

Hope this helps someone else. :)

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I was getting this warning when i used objects.all() in my

profile_list = Profile.objects.all()
paginator = Paginator(profile_list, 25)

to fix this i changed my code to :

profile_list = Profile.objects.get_queryset().order_by("id")
paginator = Paginator(profile_list, 25)

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