What”s the difference of ContentType and MimeType


As far as I know, they are absolute equal. However, browsing some django docs, I"ve found this piece of code:

HttpResponse.__init__(content="", mimetype=None, status=200, content_type="text/html")

which surprise me the two getting along each other. The official docs was able to solve the issue in a pratical manner:

content_type is an alias for mimetype. Historically, this parameter was only called mimetype, but since this is actually the value included in the HTTP Content-Type header, it can also include the character set encoding, which makes it more than just a MIME type specification. If mimetype is specified (not None), that value is used. Otherwise, content_type is used. If neither is given, the DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE setting is used.

However, I don"t find it elucidating enough. Why we use 2 different naming for (almost the same) thing? Is "Content-Type" just a name used in browser requests, and with very little use outside it?

What"s the main difference between the each one, and when is right to call something mimetype as opposed to content-type ? Am I being pitty and grammar nazi?

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