How to replace text in a column of a Pandas dataframe?


I have a column in my dataframe like this:


and I want to replace the , comma with - dash. I"m currently using this method but nothing is changed.

org_info_exc["range"].replace(",", "-", inplace=True)

Can anybody help?

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Use the vectorised str method replace:

In [30]:

df["range"] = df["range"].str.replace(",","-")
0    (2-30)
1  (50-290)


So if we look at what you tried and why it didn"t work:


from the docs we see this desc:

str or regex: str: string exactly matching to_replace will be replaced with value

So because the str values do not match, no replacement occurs, compare with the following:

In [43]:

df = pd.DataFrame({"range":["(2,30)",","]})
df["range"].replace(",","-", inplace=True)
0    (2,30)
1         -
Name: range, dtype: object

here we get an exact match on the second row and the replacement occurs.

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For anyone else arriving here from Google search on how to do a string replacement on all columns (for example, if one has multiple columns like the OP"s "range" column): Pandas has a built in replace method available on a dataframe object.

df.replace(",", "-", regex=True)

Source: Docs

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