PyCharm error: “No Module” when trying to import own module (python script)


I have written a module (a file file residing in the folder my_module). Currently, I am working in the file that resides in the folder cur_proj. I have opened the folder in PyCharm using File -- open (and I assume, hence, it is a PyCharm project).

In ProjectView (CMD-7), I can see my project cur_proj (in red) and under "External Libraries" I do see my_module. In, I can write

from my_module import my_mod as mm

and PyCharm even makes suggestion for my_mod. So far so good.

However, when I try to run, PyCharm tells me "No module named my_module"

This seems strange to me, because

A) in the terminal (OS 10.10.2), in python, I can import the module no problem -- there is a corresponding entry in the PYTHONPATH in .bashrc

B) in PyCharm -- Settings -- Project cur_proj -- Project Interpreter -- CogWheel next to python interpreter -- more -- show paths for selected interpreter icon, the paths from PYTHONPATH do appear (as I think they should)

Hence, why do I get the error when I try to run -- What am I missing?


Addendum 2015-Feb-25

When I go in PyCharm to Run -- Edit Configurations, for my current project, there are two options that are selected with a check mark: "Add content roots to PYTHONPATH" and "Add source roots to PYTHONPATH". When I have both unchecked, I can load my module.

So it works now -- but why?

Further questions emerged:

  • What are "content roots" and what are "source roots"? And why does adding something to the PYTHONPATH make it somehow break?
  • should I uncheck both of those options all the time (so also in the defaults, not only the project specific configurations (left panel of the Run/Debug Configurations dialog)?

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If your own module is in the same path, you need mark the path as Sources Root. In the project explorer, right-click on the directory that you want import. Then select Mark Directory As and select Sources Root.

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So if you go to

-> Setting -> Project:My_project -> Project Structure,

Just the directory in which the source code is available and mark it as "Sources" (You can see it on the same window). The directory with source code should turn blue. Now u can import in modules residing in same directory.

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