How do I increase the cell width of the Jupyter/ipython notebook in my browser?


I would like to increase the width of the ipython notebook in my browser. I have a high-resolution screen, and I would like to expand the cell width/size to make use of this extra space.


edit: 5/2017

I now use jupyterthemes:

and this command:

jt -t oceans16 -f roboto -fs 12 -cellw 100%

which sets the width to 100% with a nice theme.

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If you don"t want to change your default settings, and you only want to change the width of the current notebook you"re working on, you can enter the following into a cell:

from IPython.core.display import display, HTML
display(HTML("<style>.container { width:100% !important; }</style>"))

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That div.cell solution didn"t actually work on my IPython, however luckily someone suggested a working solution for new IPythons:

Create a file ~/.ipython/profile_default/static/custom/custom.css (iPython) or ~/.jupyter/custom/custom.css (Jupyter) with content

.container { width:100% !important; }

Then restart iPython/Jupyter notebooks. Note that this will affect all notebooks.

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To get this to work with jupyter (version 4.0.6) I created ~/.jupyter/custom/custom.css containing:

/* Make the notebook cells take almost all available width */
.container {
    width: 99% !important;

/* Prevent the edit cell highlight box from getting clipped;
 * important so that it also works when cell is in edit mode*/
div.cell.selected {
    border-left-width: 1px !important;

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