Python Requests library redirect new url


I"ve been looking through the Python Requests documentation but I cannot see any functionality for what I am trying to achieve.

In my script I am setting allow_redirects=True.

I would like to know if the page has been redirected to something else, what is the new URL.

For example, if the start URL was:

And the final URL is

How do I get that URL?

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You are looking for the request history.

The response.history attribute is a list of responses that led to the final URL, which can be found in response.url.

response = requests.get(someurl)
if response.history:
    print("Request was redirected")
    for resp in response.history:
        print(resp.status_code, resp.url)
    print("Final destination:")
    print(response.status_code, response.url)
    print("Request was not redirected")


>>> import requests
>>> response = requests.get("")
>>> response.history
(<Response [302]>, <Response [302]>, <Response [302]>)
>>> for resp in response.history:
...     print(resp.status_code, resp.url)
>>> print(response.status_code, response.url)

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This is answering a slightly different question, but since I got stuck on this myself, I hope it might be useful for someone else.

If you want to use allow_redirects=False and get directly to the first redirect object, rather than following a chain of them, and you just want to get the redirect location directly out of the 302 response object, then r.url won"t work. Instead, it"s the "Location" header:

r = requests.get("", allow_redirects=False)
r.status_code  # 302
r.url  #, not https.
r.headers["Location"]  # -- the redirect destination