How do I convert a IPython Notebook into a Python file via commandline?


I"m looking at using the *.ipynb files as the source of truth and programmatically "compiling" them into .py files for scheduled jobs/tasks.

The only way I understand to do this is via the GUI. Is there a way to do it via command line?

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If you don"t want to output a Python script every time you save, or you don"t want to restart the IPython kernel:

On the command line, you can use nbconvert:

$ jupyter nbconvert --to script [YOUR_NOTEBOOK].ipynb

As a bit of a hack, you can even call the above command in an IPython notebook by pre-pending ! (used for any command line argument). Inside a notebook:

!jupyter nbconvert --to script config_template.ipynb

Before --to script was added, the option was --to python or --to=python, but it was renamed in the move toward a language-agnostic notebook system.

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If you want to convert all *.ipynb files from current directory to python script, you can run the command like this:

jupyter nbconvert --to script *.ipynb

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