How to convert a date string to different format


I need to convert date string "2013-1-25" to string "1/25/13" in python. I looked at the datetime.strptime but still can"t find a way for this.

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I assume I have import datetime before running each of the lines of code below

datetime.datetime.strptime("2013-1-25", "%Y-%m-%d").strftime("%m/%d/%y")

prints "01/25/13".

If you can"t live with the leading zero, try this:

dt = datetime.datetime.strptime("2013-1-25", "%Y-%m-%d")
print "{0}/{1}/{2:02}".format(dt.month,, dt.year % 100)

This prints "1/25/13".

EDIT: This may not work on every platform:

datetime.datetime.strptime("2013-1-25", "%Y-%m-%d").strftime("%m/%d/%y")

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