Pythonic way of checking if a condition holds for any element of a list


I have a list in Python, and I want to check if any elements are negative. Specman has the has() method for lists which does:

x: list of uint;
if (x.has(it < 0)) {
    // do something

Where it is a Specman keyword mapped to each element of the list in turn.

I find this rather elegant. I looked through the Python documentation and couldn"t find anything similar. The best I could come up with was:

if (True in [t < 0 for t in x]):
    # do something

I find this rather inelegant. Is there a better way to do this in Python?

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if any(t < 0 for t in x):
    # do something

Also, if you"re going to use "True in ...", make it a generator expression so it doesn"t take O(n) memory:

if True in (t < 0 for t in x):

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