12 reasons why you should learn Python in 2019

Below are core Python functions and applications that are encouraging more and more people to learn Python and get certified.

1. Data Science: Python is the programming language of choice for most data scientists. Whether it`s IT, software development, or marketing, nowadays every job uses and depends on data to manage its work. With the release of C # : IronPython

  • Version with Java : Jython
  • Python written with Objective C tools: PyObjc
  • 7. High Salaries: The salaries of Python engineers are comparatively higher compared to others in the industry. In the United States, a Python developer makes an average of $ 116,028 per year.

    8. Scripting and Automation. What most people don`t know about Python is that it can be used as a scripting language. In scripts, the code is written in script form and is executed. This way the code is read and interpreted by the machine, and errors are checked at runtime. After checking the code, you can use it many times. It is also possible to automate specific tasks in a problem using automation.

    9. Artificial Intelligence: Without any controversy, artificial intelligence will drive the future of IT. Python libraries such as Keras and TensorFlow provide machine learning functionality. In addition, libraries such as OpenCV help with computer vision or image recognition.

    10. Computer Graphics: Python can be used in small, large, online or offline projects. It is used for GUI and desktop application development. It is a Tkinter library that allows you to quickly and easily develop applications. This programming language is also used in game development where the logic is written using the “pygame” module which can also run on Android devices.

    11. Testing environment. This language is a great tool for testing products or ideas for existing businesses. Python has many built-in testing frameworks that deal with debugging and fast workflows. Its tools and modules such as Selenium and Splinter make things easier. Python also supports cross-platform and cross-browser testing with frameworks such as PyTest and Robot framework.

    12. Web Development: Various Python frameworks support website development. Python has many frameworks for website development. Popular platforms such as Django, Flask , and Pylons are faster and more stable in code; this is because they are written in Python. By using Python, users can clean up web pages, which means retrieving information from other websites.