Showing line numbers in IPython/Jupyter Notebooks


Error reports from most language kernels running in IPython/Jupyter Notebooks indicate the line on which the error occurred; but (at least by default) no line numbers are indicated in Notebooks.

Is it possibile to add the line numbers to IPython/Jupyter Notebooks?

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CTRL - ML toggles line numbers in the CodeMirror area. See the QuickHelp for other keyboard shortcuts.

In more details CTRL - M (or ESC) bring you to command mode, then pressing the L keys should toggle the visibility of current cell line numbers. In more recent notebook versions Shift-L should toggle for all cells.

If you can"t remember the shortcut, bring up the command palette Ctrl-Shift+P (Cmd+Shift+P on Mac), and search for "line numbers"), it should allow to toggle and show you the shortcut.